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City Smart Tourism - Cars

Land Cruiser in Desert Safari
Hummer H2 in Desert Safari - Tanoura Show


Desert Safarai, Hatta Trek / Mountain Safari:
Our Safari vehicles are long wheelbase 4x4 cars that are fitted with all safety features and air-conditioning, and are licensed to carry up to 6 passengers, excluding the driver. By U.A.E law, all passengers must wear seat belts while the vehicle is in motion. Mostly Toyoto Land Cruiser is used for Desert Safari and on special tour Hummer H2 is also used.

For other Tours & Transportation::
Apart from Safari's, if the guest are less than four, Caprice Classic or similar type of Saloon cars are used. If the guests are more than four 14 Seater, 34 Seater or 50 Seater vehicles are used.

Smoking is prohibited on board of all our vehicles.